I love entrepreneurship: people who see a possibility that fills a need and then build a business around it, creating jobs and opportunities for others.

Because of this life-long fascination with entrepreneurship, my ears perked up long ago when I heard a story about a guy who wrote a business…

While DJT is planning a ONE BILLION DOLLAR disinformation campaign, #Resisters are standing up and speaking out one at a time. To raise our voices above the “censorship of noise” (the increasing level of disinformation campaigns), we have to become more effective in our efforts to resist.

“Once the cancer…

This administration is NOT the United States;

nor was Obama’s, Bush’s (either one), Clinton’s,

nor Carter’s, Reagan’s, Ford’s, Nixon’s, FDR’s,

or even Washington’s.

Living two years in Mexico as an expat and then returning to life in the US has clarified a lot of my feelings about being a US…

Joyce Wycoff

omni-curious artist, writer, student of life

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